Mission Statement


The United States ITU Association (USITUA) is an open U.S. industry forum for discussion of issues and development of views and proposals on International Telecommunications Union (ITU) policy matters.


The mission of the USITUA is to develop consensus private sector views on such ITU matters, and communicate those views to the U.S. Government. It will seek consensus on proposals that maximize common benefits to the U.S. industry and will strive to gain U.S. Government support thereof.


The Association will focus on matters of policy and procedure affecting private sector participation and interests in the ITU. It will work to improve coordination and cooperation between the private sector and the U.S. Government to enhance U.S. effectiveness in the ITU working in a transparent manner with accountability to its members. It will promote adoption and implementation of ITU decisions, agreements and treaties that advance related U.S. interests.


The Association is committed to promoting vigorous competition and the most effective U.S. role in the ITU. It will serve as a united industry voice supporting strong U.S. leadership in the ITU. Also, it will strive to focus the significant expertise and resources of the private sector, in close coordination with government policy makers, to best achieve U.S. goals and objectives in the ITU.


-As amended June 4, 2013