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USITUA Policy Positions
Our Association has developed a number of policy positions on pending ITU issues, both domestic and international.

Date Policy Statement Title Doc Type
02/07/2011 Association letter to US Government Agencies.
09/09/2009 Association letter to Richard Beaird nominating Audrey Allison to U.S. Delegation.
01/16/2009 Association letter to Obama-Biden Transition Team regarding support of the U.S. Process.
12/05 The Role of U.S. Delegates to the ITU and Related Organizations
01/14/2005 Letter to Richard Beaird on Cost Recovery Issues under ITU Consideration
08/06/2004 Notice to Members re: Progress of NTIA Studies on U.S. Spectrum Policy Reform (Docket No. 040127027-4027-01)


Background Report on Status of ITR Studies and Proposals (see copy of Final Acts 1988, one row below)
Final Acts of the World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference, Melbourne, 1988
05/09/2004 Notice to Members re: Participation by Association Members in Council Preparatory Work and Membership on U.S. Delegation
04/30/2004 Association letter to Ambassador David Gross concerning cost recovery proposals for Satellite Network Filings.
04/27/2004 Association input paper to State Department on "Considerations on Resolution 108 (Marrakesh, 2002) (Roles of Elected Officers and Coordination Committee)
04/12/2004 Association input paper to State Department on "Consideration on Resolution 106 (Marrakesh, 2002) (Structure and Function of the Union)
03/17/2004 Association comments on NITA Inquiry on "United States Spectrum Management Policy for the 21st Century"
03/09/2004 Memorandum to Members re: The Need for Adequate FCC Representation at Study Group 6 (R-Sector) Meetings in Spring, 2004
02/19/2004 Association comments to State Department (Cecily Holiday) re: "General Guidance Document for U.S. Participation in ITU-R Sector and CITEL PCC II Meetings"
02/18/2004 Report to Members on Several Association Policy Positions and Role of Association Members in those Proceedings
01/09/2004 Letter to State Department (James Ennis) Submitting Association Views on Admission of Sector Members as "Observers" to Council Meetings
11/24/2003 Association Comments on NTIA "Request for Comments" on Improvements to the U.S. Preparatory Process for WRC's

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