Established in 2000, the United States ITU Association (USITUA) is an open U.S. industry forum for the discussion of issues and the development of views and proposals on International Telecommunication Union (ITU) policy matters. 


The USITUA mission is to develop consensus private sector views that maximize common benefits to U.S. industry and to gain U.S. support of these views through improved coordination and cooperation between the industry and the U.S. Government. 


The ITU is a unique intergovernmental organization that has invited private companies to participate in their own right and as part of government delegations in formulating policies, procedures and standards that impact how they do business around the world. The USITUA provides American businesses the opportunity to strengthen U.S. industry involvement in those processes.


Our membership is comprised of a broad range of U.S.-based corporations, associations and consultants, who share a vital interest in both policy matters before the ITU and the effective management of the Union.