ITAC Structure and U.S. Prepartory Meetings


The International Telecommunication Advisory Committee (ITAC), established by the State Department, is chartered as a Federal Advisory Committee. Comprised of government and private sector participants, it advises the State Department on contributions to international telecommunication meetings and general telecommunication policy matters before the ITU and its Sectors, CITEL and other groups. 


The Worldradiocommunications Advisory Committee (WAC), also chartered as a Federal Advisory Committee, is formed prior to each ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) and provides the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) advice, technical support, and recommended WRC proposals.  Committee members are appointed by the FCC Chairman and have specific interests and expertise on matters such as wireless communications infrastructure and equipment, telecommunications, broadcasting, and other radiocommunication services. The WAC members work to develop balanced viewpoints on the range of issues to be considered by WRC. 


Further information on the various committees and their meeting schedules can be found below.




- ITAC By-Laws and Committee Organization




- Organization and Guidelines




- ITAC-R Organization

- ITAC-R Guidelines

- WAC Charter




- Organization:  There currently is no Guidelines document for ITU-D.